Workshop on Recruitment and Selection Techniques and Employability Skills

Barani Institute of Sciences not only gives education but also the career path to its students. By foreseeing the future challenges of employability for its students, Department of Management Science conducted a “Workshop on Employability Skills” . There were three sessions of this workshop. In the first session, students developed the CVs according to the requisites of professionalism and it was conducted by Miss Shireen Musawar (Assistant Director-HR). The students were also trained about the right style of attire and body language in Interview. The second session was about “Communication skills” by Miss Atiya Qamar (Lecturer, Department of English). The last session of this workshop was related to “Confidence Building Measures”.

After those sessions, Department of Management Sciences tried to present the realistic picture of job requirements for its graduating batches by arranging a Panel discussion upon “Recruitment and Selection Techniques”. Different experts from industry and academia joined this session. The HR experts from Industry described their key point for hiring a person and academicians pondered upon the theoretical lenses of the same issue. Students also asked questions about compatibility and requirements of jobs. Mr. Osman Haider (HR Coordinator-Bank of Punjab), Mr. Shabbir Haider (Campus Manager, Virtual University) and HR Manager (Sahiwal Coal Power Plant) among the experts and in the end they were also presented the certificates by Dr. Azeem Ahamd (Director Academics).