A Motivational talk by Qaiser Abbas (شاباش تم کر سکتے ہو)

Life of student juggles around success and failure. This overwhelming exercise can become perplexing if right amount of motivation would not work behind it. Barani Institute of Sciences has considered this important issue and organized a session of motivational talk by renowned motivational speaker; Qaisar Abbass. The talk was titled as شاباش تم کر سکتے ہو. The motivational speaker shared his own life experiences and motivated the students to do whatever they want to do. It was an interactive session in which students expressed and got the solution of their griefs about low grades and uncertainty of career opportunities. Mr. Qaiser Abbass was honored with shield by Mian Muhammad Sajid (CEO Barani Institute of Sciences) in acknowledgment of his dreams evoking talk.