Expo 2019

Barani Institute of Sciences always believes to educate public, share innovation, promote progress and foster collaboration. That’s why; Barani Institute of Sciences arranged expo 2019. Sahiwal Chamber of Commerce and Industry had an active participation in this successful event. It was conducted on 15th, 16th and 17th February, 2019. On the first day of expo, Department of Management Sciences grafted excitement by arranging the mind blowing competitions and tests of personality, IQ, and Communication. The gifts like souvenirs, shields, key chains, shirts and cups were distributed by the institute as tokens of appreciation. The second day of expo was mainly embellished by Department of Computer Sciences. The students furnished the opportunity of showing intellect and displayed their hardware projects. The most thrilling thing on that day was the speed programming competition. This competition was comprised of multiple rounds and students of other universities also took part in this programs generating activity. Barani Institute of Sciences acknowledged the sharp brains by awarding laptops to the winners of each round. The third day of expo was mainly dedicated to Department of Mathematics. They distributed the last bunches of joy and learning by frolicking famous BDMAS rule game, mind sharp game, puzzle solving game and table chess game. Barani Institute of Sciences also had a big deal of prizes for the winners of these games. The history of mathematics with developmental phases was also documented and displayed on that day. The significant members of Industry and Civil Society showed their profound presence in all three days of expo. Chaudhary Sarwar (Governor Punjab) also graced the event with his guest appearance and immensely appreciated the efforts of Barani Institute of Sciences. Mian Muhammad Sajid (CEO Barani Institute of Sciences) presented the shield of Barani Institute to Governor Punjab as a remembrance of knowledge catering bonding. The whole expo was a beautiful concoction of knowledge, promotion, opportunities and amusement.