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The minimum pass marks for each course shall be 40% for undergraduate, postgraduate programmes and 50% for Ph.D. separately in theory & practical (if applicable).

Grade points will be as follows:
Marks Obtained Grade Grade Point Remarks
80-100% A 4 Excellent
65-79% B 3 Good
50-64% C 2 Satisfactory
40-49% D 1 Pass
Below F 0 Fail
The grade point will be worked on the basis of percentage of marks obtained by a student in each course separately according to conversion table (Quality Points Table for GPA/CGPA) and not on the percentage of total marks obtained by a student. One credit hour shall carry twenty marks.

GPA/CGPA will be calculated at the end of each semester in accordance to the following formula:


  • The quality points table given below will be used for calculating the GPA/CGPA:

The marks/grade required to pass a deficiency course shall be the same as in the regulations relating to the examination/course concerned.

a) Theory

  • In theory paper, student’s evaluation shall be done by mid-term examination, assignment / quizzes / term paper & final examination. Both the mid-term & final examinations shall be compulsory; a student who misses the mid term examination, he shall not be allowed a make-up examination & shall be awarded zero marks in that examination, however, he may appear in the final examination. In case a student does not appear in the final examination of a course, he shall be deemed to have failed in that course.
  • In theory, weight-age to each component of examination shall be as prescribed here under:
    a. Mid Examination 30 %
    b. Assignments 20 %
    c. Final Examination 50 %
b) Practical:

For practical examination (if applicable) 100% weightage will be towards final examination.

A mid-term examination for minimum of one-hour duration will be held during 8-10th weeks of the semester. The results of the examination shall be submitted to the Controller of Examinations by the 12th week. However, Chairman/Incharge of the concerned department will be responsible for timely submission of Mid and Final Examination results.

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