Barani Badminton League (BBL)

Sports not only build better athletes but also better people. These transform players into community leaders and teach them how to strive for goals, handle mistakes and cherish growth opportunities. Barani Institute of Sciences grooms its students by harnessing their physical and mental health. Barani Badminton League (BBL) was also a sequel of this care taking approach. Thirty-six team from all departments participated in this event. Students ornamented their T-shirts with the beautiful Logo of Barani Institute. It was end of December and beginning of January; an ideal time for saying welcome to 2019 with a healthy exercise. The team from BSCS (3rd Semester) was the winner of this bustle. The team of BBA (6th Semester) also got a leap of encouragement as being runner up. The joy of students also doubled as Mian Muhammad Sajid (CEO Barani Institute of Science) appreciated the efforts of student in his address. He also gave trophies and cash prizes to the winning and runners up teams. The organizers of this event were also honored with prizes for their untiring efforts. The victories were celebrated, and event ended with a beautiful show of firework.