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Barani Institute of Sciences (BIS) is dedicated to provide quality education to everyone who has the ability to strive ahead. Scholarships and the financial aid are the vital tools for helping students to afford the world-class education, and to set them in the path of progress. Barani Institute of Sciences (BIS) has a dedicated and caring financial aid team for bringing affordable education to the doorstep of every deserving student. From need-based programs to merit scholarships for outstanding individual students, there is a wide range of options available for everyone at the BIS. Along with our commitment to economic diversity, generous financial aid programs, and a resourceful financial aid office, we ensure that there are no obstacles in students’ academic journey at BIS. The Office of Student Affairs will be the concerned authorities for aid, with forms for applications available at the office.

Following scholarships / Assistance ships (financial window) are being offered under the banner of Barani Foundation:

Category A

It includes the scholarships at the time of admission:

Category B

It includes scholarships available during studies:

Barani Institute - Barani

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