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BS Food Science & Technology

Admission Eligibility

Academic Standing

Grade point average:

  • Maximum grade point average 4.00
  • Minimum grade point average for obtaining the degree 2.50
  • To remain on the role of university a student shall be required to maintain the following minimum CGPA otherwise he/she shall be ceased on the university role.
  • A student who maintain the minimum GPA/CGPA for promotion and merits the requirements will be promoted to the next semester.
  • A student who does not meet the requirements made repeat the whole semester once only. The course creates that student earns in the repeated semester shall replace the previously earned course grades.
  • During the specified minimum duration for completing the degree, a student may repeat those course of the previous semester in which he/she secured the grade “F” provided the course load does not exceed the maximum limit of credit hours in a semester. Repetition of lowest grades will be allowed after completing last semester if, the CGPA is less than the degree requirements.
  • In the 8th semester if, a student fails to achieve the 2.5 CGPA, he/she have to repeat the course / courses with F & D Grades, so as to make CGPA of 2.5 within the maximum time period allowed for the degree.

Proposed Study Plan BS Food Science & Technology

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MATH-301 / BIOL-301Mathematics-I / General Biology-I3(3-0) / 3(2-2)
STAT-301Statistics & Biometry3(3-0)
CS-301Introduction to Computing 3(2-2)
ENG-301Functional English 3(3-0)
SSH-301Pakistan Studies 2(2-0)
BCH-310Introduction to Biochemistry 3(2-2)
FST-301Intro. To Food Sci. & tech. 3(2-2)
Course Code Course Title
Credit Hours
MATH-302 / BIOL-302Mathematics-II / General Biology-II3(3-0) / 3(2-2)
IS-302/ET-302Islamic Studies/Ethics2(2-0)
AGRO-302Basic Agriculture 3(2-2)
HORT-302introduction to Horticulture 3(2-2)
FST-302General Microbiology 3(2-2)
FST-304Food Processing and Preservation 3(2-2)
Course Code Course Title
Credit Hours
ENT-401Introductory Entomology 2(1-2)
PP-401Introduction to Plant Pathogens 2(1-2)
ENG-401Communication Skills 3(3-0)
FST-401Food Plant Layout2(2-0)
FST-403Food Process Engineering-I3(2-2)
FST-405Food Biotechnology 3(2-2)
FST-407Food Quality Management 2(2-0)
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MGt-405Intro. To Marketing Management 3(3-0)
FST-402Fluid Mechanics 3(2-2)
FST-404Food Process Engineerig II3(3-0)
FST-406Food Product Develoment3(3-0)
FST-408Fruits and vegetables Processing 3(2-2)
FST-410Food Toxicology and Safety 3(3-0)
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
FST-501Principles of Human Nutrition 3(3-0)
FST-503Instrumental Techniques in Food Analysis 3(2-2)
FST-505Food Microbiology 3(2-2)
FST-507Technology of Fats and Oils 3(2-2)
FST-509Beverage Technology3(2-2)
FST-511Extrusion Technology 3(2-2)
Course Code Course Title
Credit Hours
FST-502Sugar Technology3(2-2)
FST-504Dairy Technology3(2-2)
FST-506Post Harvest Technology 3(2-2)
FST-508Food Chemistry3(3-0)
FST-510Food Safety and Food Laws3(3-0)
FST-512Confectionery and Snack Foods 3(2-2)
Course Code
Course Title
Credit Hours
FST-601Community Nutrition3(2-2)
FST-603Cereal Technology 3(2-2)
FST-605Meat Technology3(2-2)
FST-607Unit operation in Food Processsing 3(3-0)
FST-609Project Planning, Execution and Scientific Writing2(1-2)
FST-611Food Packaging3(2-2)
FST-613Milk and Meat Hygiene and Public Health 3(2-2)
Course Code
Course Title
Credit Hours
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